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TIFI Chairman Anchor Chang’s Reflections on 2015 EFDA Conference

by Tanya Shih, Fastener World Inc.

  The 5th triennially held EFDA conference has come to a perfect closure on April 16 in Berlin. The conference this year was quite special from the previous editions, as many important representatives from Taiwan also came to attend the grand event.

  TIFI thinks that “TFTA has kept a good partnership and interaction with EFDA for so long and such a relationship plays a critical role in establishing a smooth communication between these two associations. This year, the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan organized a delegation with TAITRA, TIFI, and TFTA to join the EFDA conference, which is also the first time for Taiwanese government and TIFI to participate in the event of EFDA.”

  Chairman Chang added, “The attendance of TIFI and TFTA in the EFDA conference this time shows the unity and cooperation of these two Taiwanese fastener associations which respectively speak for their members. What we would like to tell our friends in the European fastener industry is that Taiwanese fastener industry is different from Chinese fastener industry. That is why Taiwanese exhibitors in fastener shows would always like to have their own stand designs to make them look different from Chinese exhibitors, as they are afraid that they may be involved in the antidumping measures without any cause.”

  Europe is the 2nd largest destination of Taiwan’s fastener export and the extension of the antidumping measures the EU imposed on Chinese fasteners will cause big influence on the global fastener supply and demand. Chairman Chang also said, “In order to ensure a smooth and unrestricted approach for Taiwan’s fastener export to the EU, we then tried to clearly illustrate the history and development of Taiwanese fastener industry as well as the upgrade of our products, and explained how we try to make Taiwanese fasteners be with high technical levels and high quality and how we are different from other products involved in the antidumping cases. Taiwanese fastener industry has been cooperating with European companies for over 30 years and continues to offer products meeting the demand of European market. We always trade according to international regulations.”

  Chairman Chang said, “During the conference Division Director Yuan-Guei Ho from Taipei Representative Office in Germany talked about the measures of Taiwanese government to fulfill the “Certificate of Origin” system, which has been put into force since July 21st 2015. He said that Taiwanese government strictly audits the issuance of certificate of origin and will make efforts to crack down illegal transshipments. He reported the implementation of Taiwan’s environmental protection policies to prevent the previous shutdown of electroplating plants that influenced lead times and marred their reputation from happening again and he also reported the supervision on the price changes of CSC’s wires to ensure that they are not too expensive or too cheap compared to the global average price. By doing so, the competitive edge of Taiwan can be maintained.”

  During the conference, Chairman Chang also invited European distributors and dealers to participate in “2016 Taiwan International Fastener Show” to get close to the production lines of Taiwanese fastener industry and establish long term cooperation with each other.

Division Director Yuan-Guei Ho from Taipei Representative Office in Germany (left one), Former TIFI President Joe Chen (left three), Ambassador Chen from Taipei Representative Office in Germany(right three), and TIFI Chairman Anchor Chang (right two)

Congratulations to Mr. Anchor T.H. Chang's election as the 17th Chairman of the Taiwan Industrial Fastener Institute

Right: Chairman of TIFI, Mr. Anchor T.H. Chang, chairman of Anchor Fastener Industrial Co., Ltd.
Center: Managing supervisor, Mr. Te-Jen Sun. chairman of Jau Yeou Industry Co.,Ltd.
Left: Former chairman of TIFI, Mr. Joe Chen, chairman of Saintec Enterprise Co., Ltd.


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